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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Services


  • Assessment, consultation for and treatment of sports-related medical conditions, impairments of athletic performance, deficiency symptoms, chronic conditions, and stress injuries

  • Medical examinations according to Swiss Olympic guidelines

  • Check-ups for newcomers (incl. evaluation of potential risk factors)

  • Stress and performance tests (ergometry, lactate threshold tests, spiroergometry)

  • Resting/ basal metabolic rate measurement

  • Measurement of body composition (bioelectrical impendance analysis)

  • Focused shockwave therapy for typical sports-related orthopaedic and rheumatic indications

  • PRP therapy (platelet rich plasma therapy) for typical sports-related orthopaedic indications

  • Medical care for athletes during competitions and training


Additional offer

  • Return To Sports Test (Physio)

  • Functional Movement Test (Physio)

  • Mental Coaching in Sports


Your Specialists:

Dr. med. Martin



Dr. med. David Röthlisberger


Dr. med.

David Vonwyl


Bild folgt

Dr. med.

Sarah Schwab-Müller

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