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Our physiotherapy programmes focus on rehabilitation and prevention. We work to reestablish and optimise all musculoskeletal movements. Our patients' and athletes' personal and individual goals are our ultimate ambition.


Our being located in close proximity to the SportsClinic#1's doctors and orthopaedics creates ideal conditions for our interdisciplinary approach and facilitates the collaboration between medical experts, patients, clients, and staff. 

Physiotherapeutic Services


  • Manual therapy

  • Sports physiotherapy

  • Sports-specific movement analyses

  • Trigger point therapy

  • Dry needling

  • Classic and Kinesio Taping®

  • Ultrasound therapy / electrotherapy 

  • Medical training therapy

  • Return To Sports Test

  • Functional Movement Test



Medical Massage Services


  • Classic massage

  • Sports massage

  • Lymph drainage

  • Foot reflexology massage

  • Connective tissue massage


Price list


Prescription physiotherapy

The costs will be covered by your insurance (health insurance, accident insurance, military insurance, disability insurance (IV)). If possible, the respective insurance company will be billed directly.



Self-paying patients

Physiotherapy privat (25-30 Min)                                        CHF 65

Return To Sports Test (1 - 1.5 H)                                         CHF 190

Functional Movement Test (1 - 1.5 H)                                 CHF 190



Massage (25-30 Min.)                                                         CHF 60

Massage (25-30 Min)                                                          CHF 120


Most supplementary insurances cover part of the costs. Contact your insurance company for inquiries regarding potential cost sharing.


Your Specialists Physiotherapy:

Cornelia Müller


Elena Martinez Pablo


Melanie Stauffacher-Astl


Remco Broers

Simla Saraçlar


Jonas Engel

Your Specialists Medical Massage:


Andrea Frutiger

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