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Medical Services Hip and Pelvis


Hip joint

  • Sports injuries

  • Fractures thigh and hip

  • Impingement of the hip joint

  • Chronic hip conditions

  • Growth disturbances of the hip (Perthes' disease, epiphysioysis, dysplasia)

  • Correction of hip deformities (conversion operations)

  • Degenerative diseases (arthrosis)

  • Hip joint replacements 

  • Revision surgeries after joint replacements



  • Sports injuries

  • Fractures of the pelvis and acetabulum

  • Insufficiency fractures due to osteoporosis

  • Chronic pelvis and hip conditions

  • Growth disturbances of the pelvic bones (dysplasia, retroversion)

  • Correction of malpositions (conversion operations)


Your Specialists:


Dr. med. Bernhard

Christen M.H.A.

Dr. med. 

Marc Attinger

Hip and Pelvis

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