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Medical Services Shoulder and Elbow


Reconstructive shoulder and elbow surgery

  • Arthroscopic tenorrhaphies

  • Arthroscopic and open joint stabilisations, anatomic and reverse shoulder joint replacements, and total elbow joint replacements

  • Tendon transfers

  • Elbow ligament reconstructions

  • Arthroscopic tennis elbow treatments

  • Arthroscopic and open joint-preserving arthrosis therapies

  • Treatment of nerve compression syndromes


Shoulder and elbow traumatology

  • Humeral head fractures

  • Arthroscopic acromioclavicular stabilisations

  • Elbow fractures and dislocations

  • Collar bone fractures

  • Elbow tendon ruptures

Your Specialist:

Prof. Dr. med.

Matthias Zumstein

Dr. med.

Johannes Weihs

Shoulder and Elbow

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