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Medical Services Knee


Reconstructive knee surgery

  • Ligament reconstructions

  • Cartilage therapies

  • Meniscus treatments

  • Simple ligament reconstructions, patella stabilisations

  • Joint-preserving arthrosis therapies


Computer-assisted corrective osteotomies

  • Tibia

  • Thigh


Prosthetic replacement of knee joints

  • Partial and full prostheses of patella slide bearing (inner and outer sides)

  • Computer-assisted full knee prostheses including ligament tension

  • Revision surgeries to treat painful knee prostheses

  • Knee prostheses exchanges


Sports traumatology

  • Ligament injuries knee, ankle

  • Groin injuries

  • Adductor injuries

  • Muscle injuries

  • Fractures



Your Specialists:

Prof. Dr. med.

Roland Biedert

Dr. med. Bernhard 

Christen M.H.A.


PD Dr. med. Philipp Henle


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