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Sports Medicine Examination (SPU)


The sports medicine examination following the Swiss Olympic guidelines and will includes the assessment of different body functions, such as head/neck, thorax/lungs, heart/circulation, lymph nodes, skin, abdomen, nervous system, as well as musculoskeletal system. The Swiss Olympic forms are used to complete the anamnesis (several questionnaires), to document the assessment (status sheets) and to summarise the results (medical report). The results of the examination will be given in writing to the sportsmen/-women directly after the examination.

The laboratory tests of blood and urine will show if all the results are normal or if, for example, certain deficiencies are to be identified.

The standard and follow-up laboratory tests following the Swiss Olympic guidelines include the following parameters: blood count, creatinine, urea, ALAT, CK, ferritin, CRP, urine status. Other values like, cholesterol, vitamin B12, vitamin D are optional.


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