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Dr. med. Lars Frauchiger



Prof. Dr. med. 

Fabian Krause

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Dr. med.

Dagmar Kolp

Medical Services Foot and Ankle


Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Joint Surgery

  • Arthroscopic procedures on ligaments, tendons, and cartilages

  • Reconstructions of ligaments on feet and ankles

  • Tendon transfers to correct malpositions and treat neurological diseases

  • Open cartilage surgery, including transplantations of vascularised bone grafts

  • Joint-preserving arthrosis treatments for all foot and ankle joints

  • Therapies for acute and chronic tendon diseases (especially of achilles, peroneal, tibialis anterior, and posterior tendons)


Ankle and foot traumatology

  • Full range of traumatology (bone and soft-tissue injuries)


Therapy for advanced osteoarthritis

  • Ankle prostheses

  • Therapy for stiff joints


Conservative therapy

  • Consultation for / fittings of orthotics



Foot and Ankle

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