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By doctors for patients: A doctor-led organisation that allows for the most medically and qualitatively optimal and efficient treatment. In order to be able to care for patients and athletes at an even higher level, various doctors from different institutions have entered into a collaborative partnership.

Excellence at Wankdorf Stadium. As our patient, you benefit from the experience of many individual SportsClinic#1 experts, who all work together at Wankdorf Stadium. Some of them have worked with professional athletes for many years, and they also provide their services to federations and clubs, or ensure the medical services at some of the largest sports events in Switzerland.



Committed to performance. As a team of specialised doctors and physiotherapists, we choose the best and most efficient treatment for you and together with you. Our work starts with an orthopeadic / medical assessment, includes reestablishing your health and strength with the help of our in-house physiotherapy programmes, and aims at improving your physical well-being and functional capacities.



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