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Medical Director of the SportsClinic#1, approved by Swiss Olympic

General medicine FMH and sports medicine SGSM

Team doctor of the Bern hockey team SC Bern

Specialisation: General sports medicine

1988 - present

Specialist for general medicine and sports medicine
Sports Medicine SGSM Certificate
Qualification FMH general medicine
1982 - 1987
Multiple specialisations and postgraduates, including pathologic anatomy, surgery, internal medicine, rheumatology, sports medicine, obstetrics-gynaecology in Bern, Langnau, and Münsterlingen

Consulting and supervision activities


Tuition of doctors aiming for the certificate of qualification in sports medicine SGSM as well as assistants aiming for the Certificate of General Medicine FMH
1996 - present
Team doctor EHC Wiki (1st league)


Chief Medical Officer European Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastic Championships in Bern

1991 - present
Team doctor SC Bern (multiple winner of Swiss championships)
Chief Medical Officer at the European championships in figure skating in Bern
Event Chief Medical Officer IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships in Bern
1991 - 2009
University lecturer for sports medicine
1986 - 1998
Medical consultant to the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation and team doctor of the national teams

Memberships (extract)

  • Concussion task force of the Swiss national League A
  • Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine SSGIM
  • Swiss Society for Sports Medicine
  • Swiss Medical Association FMH
  • Foundation Council Michael Kratochvil Berne Young Academics
  • Membre of the Society of Orthopaedic Traumatological Sportsmedicine

and more 

Website: Gemeinschaftspraxis Muri

Dr. med. Martin Schär


Shoulder and




Prosthetic joints

Hip and pelvis

Foot and ankle

Neural therapy



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