General internal medicine FMH, neural therapy SANTH, and interventional pain therapy SSIPM


Specialisation: neural therapy

2004 – present

Medical practice for neural therapy in Bern


2002 – present

Lecturer for neural therapy at the Institute of Complementary Medicine, University of Bern


1994 – present

Teaching positions in Switzerland and abroad (neural therapy)


1989 – 2004

General practice in Ostermundigen, Switzerland


  • Author of a textbook on neural therapy (Fischer L. Neutraltherapie – Neurophysiologie, Injektionstechnik und Therapievorschläge. 4. Aufl., Stuttgart; MVS: 2014)

  • Coeditor of a textbook on integrative pain therapy (L, Peuker E (Hrsg.). Lehrbuch Integrative Schmerztherapie. Stuttgart; Haug: 2011)

  • Contributions to various textbooks on pain management, author of various scientific publications.

  • Main area of research: clinical studies and the influence of local anaesthetics on the autonomic nervous system (pain and inflammations)

  • Member of the scientific advisory board of various medical journals


  • Member of the Swiss Medical Association FMH

  • Member of the Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine SSGIM

  • Member of the Swiss Society of Interventional Pain Management SSIPM

  • Vice-chairman of the International Society of Neural Therapy IGNH

  • Vice-chairman of the Schweizerische Ärztegesellschaft für Neuraltherapie SANTH (Swiss association for neural therapy)

  • Member of the science and ethics commission of the International Federation of Medical Associations of Neural Therapy IFMANT

  • Honorary member of the association for neural therapy in Ecuador and Mexico

  • Honorary President of the Turkish association for neural therapy

Prof. Dr. med. Lorenz Fischer


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Hip and pelvis

Foot and ankle



Prosthetic joints

Sports medicine


Performance Diagnostics